Sequencing Principle

ONT sequencing is a single molecule real-time electrical signal sequencing technology based on nanopores, the sequencing principle of each platform is the same. Double-stranded DNA/RNA will bind to nanoporous protein embedded in the biofilm and unwinding under the lead of motor protein, under the action of voltage difference from both sides of the biofilm, DNA/RNA strands pass through the nanopore channel protein at a certain rate. Due to the differences of the chemical properties of the different bases on the DNA/RNA strand, when a single base or DNA molecule passes through the nanopore channel, it will cause the change of different electrical signals. By detecting and corresponding to these signals, the corresponding base types can be calculated and the real-time detection of the sequence can be completed.

Actual Data Cases (DNA)

Actual Data Cases (RNA)

ONT platforms in Biomarker

Successful cases

Date Journal Title
2020 GigaScience Chromosome-level genome assembly and annotation of the loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) genome
2020 Molecular Ecology Resources Chromosome-level genome assembly of the greenfin horse-faced filefish (Thamnaconus septentrionalis) using Oxford Nanopore PromethION sequencing and Hi-C technology
2020 GigaScience Chromosomal-level assembly of the blood clam, Scapharca (Anadara) broughtonii, using long sequence reads and Hi-C